The Children Are Our Future

Children, Future

Every day we face adversity and with that, we face choices. Everyone needs to be equipped with the proper life skills in order to make the best choices.


What are the essential life skills?


Life skills can be defined as: the necessary skills needed for the full participation of everyday life.

Some examples are:


Conflict resolution

Problem solving


Personal skills (i.e. self-worth, self-esteem, confidence)


The driving force for my motivation…


More resources must be made easily available for parents, care givers, teachers, and other professionals in order to best help people today. Staying current with the evolving changes within society and hands on experience has helped me create the best resources for everyone’s individual needs.

Becoming a mother, just over two years ago, has given me the incentive to strive to help others. Prior to my daughter coming into our world,  I had worked as a youth worker. I had the opportunity to meet many people, most of whom were the younger generation. Seeing the youth of today lacking the bare essential life skills needed for their transition into adulthood has encouraged me to keep trying to help them to develop the valuable skills they need and deserve.

Truthfully, my daughter has played a tremendous role with my drive to help others; I want to do my best to ensure the future she grows up in is full of individuals who have all the necessary skills to achieve greatness in their lives. As my daughter grows older I will do my absolute best to instill proper life skills in her.  Passing on these key resources will instill in her the confidence to be able to face and deal with conflicts appropriately and overcome any adversities that life may throw at her. For this reason, my goal is to reach out to as many people as I can in order to help them develop these important skills too. These basic skills can ensure that they too will one day be able to overcome their own adversities in their lives.


Positivity of working together…


The common phrase “The children are our future“, are treasured words; we must work together to ensure each young person is equipped with the skills needed to break through all the negativity that has too commonly overshadowed parts of this world. There is a positive cycle when we work together to help our young people. Being taught proper skills they, in turn, will teach their children the skills needed and so on. Cycle’s such as this is important for all of our communities to grow together as a unit.

Therefore, I will continue my work in creating many different resources for anyone accessing the help they may need to develop the important life skills needed. Please continue to follow my continuous blogs where I will dig deep into various issues surrounding the importance of life skills. I will be sure to include valuable free resources to help you and others begin the journey of strengthening everybody’s essential life skills.


Everyone can take small steps…


With all things considered, the youth of today are just one group of individuals who may need a little extra help in obtaining the appropriate life skills they deserve. Everyone deserves the opportunity to develop these essential skills within their lives.


What small steps can you take today to help create stronger individuals so they are prepared for all of the up’s and down’s in life? What life skills do you value most and hope to pass on to others?


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