9 Reasons for Low Self-worth in Young People

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Self-worth is such an important factor in everyone’s lives; people tend to underestimate the importance that it holds. Every single person can struggle with feelings of negative self-worth in their life time; however, young people are one of the most susceptible groups to struggle with negative self-worth. There are countless reasons why young people may be affected by low self-worth.


What is self-worth exactly?


Let’s try to understand exactly what self-worth is…

Self-worth is the sense of value or worth that a person places on themselves, their own self-esteem and the respect that they hold for themselves impacts their sense of self-worth. True self-worth is derived from internal forces within ourselves, not from all the external forces we are faced with daily. Understanding who we are from inside is key to achieving true positive self-worth.


Why is self-worth so important?


When we have a strong self-worth we treat ourselves with dignity and respect, therefore we will expect other people to do the same. If our lives are full of respect it will make going through the paths of life much easier and will tend to lead us in the right directions.

In the early years of our lives, we need a strong guidance to allow us to achieve the goals we want in life. Having strong self-worth will help with this guidance that we all need, it is the stepping stones of our lives.


The 9 reasons for low self-worth in young people…


Uninvolved parents can have tremendous negative effects on children. There are many reasons for parents to be uninvolved some of which include; duties to work, single parents, substance abuse, mental health issues, and unknowingness of how to be a parent. Every case is individual, and can not be painted with the same brush.

Peers can have both positive and negative effects on young people. Being surrounded by those who show love and respect can help us be true to who we are. However, being surrounded by peers who do not respect us and pressure us into negative behaviours will only impact our self-worth in a negative form.

Trauma is very impactful on a person’s self-worth; without proper guidance and support trauma can lead to such negative effects on self-worth and mental health. There are so many traumas that one can be impacted by, every person deals with trauma in their own unique way.

Body Image is such a personal struggle that I am sure we all have been faced with, both males and females. With the ease of access of today’s media, we are faced with seeing people who are in societies view “beautiful”. These celebrities are not the example that we should be basing our bodies off of. The media is only one negative impact on body image, there are many others including our negativity from peers.

Insignificance will be felt when young people of today are being swallowed up by this big world we live in. They lack a sense of control and are unsure of what their futures entail. Today we are all faced with so many options in life; where to work, what school to go to, and negative peer pressures.

Demands can be high and can take a toll on a young person. These demands can be set by themselves or by others, such as parents and teachers. High expectations and demands can cause extreme anxiety when young people push themselves because they are scared to disappoint others. These pressures can be positive when they do not overshadow their lives, however, this shadow can impact one’s self-worth when it becomes too overbearing.

History and past negative choices will influence how young people think they can make present choices. Sometimes relating to past occurrences gives them doubt that they can do better and make the proper decisions.

Patterns develop when negative thoughts become regular and can overcome their minds. Eventually, negative thought patterns can be mistaken as the truth and overcome the reality of the actual truth.

Bullying can be thrown in within the category of peers, however, this is such a large important issue that needs to be recognized in order to stop it. There are many forms of bullying and harassment that affect everyone differently, however, the impact it has on one’s self-worth is so great. Victims of these acts develop such low self-esteem and low respect for themselves, in turn, they blame themselves for these awful actions towards them and think they do not deserve better.

Self Check-in

What can be done?


Support is important for young people to feel while they grow up in this world and face struggles with their self-worth. Many people can offer support; parents, peers, teachers, and other professionals.

I have developed a downloadable printable resource that can be used to help guide young people in the right direction of improved self-worth. This resource can be used as an individual basis and also a professional basis. Please subscribe to my mailing list to receive this free printable as well as many other freebies!

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