Technological Impacts on Communication

Technological Impacts on Communication

Inevitable Change…


Technology continues to grow and change, each and every day; with no signs of slowing down. With these changes, we must be prepared for the ill effects that it can have on all of us.

There are many wonderful effects of technology, from extreme cases of saving lives to the simple convenience it offers.

Being aware of some of the negative impacts of technology is important in understanding how to overcome these impacts.


Impacts on Communication…


Being so reliant on technology has a detrimental effect on our basic communication skills. Being able to properly spell common words and do simple math is slowly deteriorating away, due to the ease of access that technology gives us. It is important for all of us to maintain these basic skills, giving us more opportunity to learn and grow, aiding us to achieve our goals.

Being trapped in this instantaneous world we all live in has a major effect on our patience, we become less patient with most aspects of our lives due to the regularity of instantaneous messages and information. Patience is something that we must learn over the course of our lives, it takes many years of practice to be able to master the art of patience. Technology is having an impact on our ability to practice this essential life skill.

Due to the decrease in face-to-face interactions today, empathy is another skill that is negatively affected. Being constantly involved in the instantaneous messaging world, we are losing awareness of other peoples thoughts and feelings. Distancing ourselves from one another limits the ability to properly understand and place ourselves in each other’s shoes, therefore limiting empathy with one another.

It can be extremely difficult to show respect in today’s technological world. Lacking some of the basic skills of communication can be seen as a form of disrespect, even when this is not the intention. Being able to be present, empathic and patient with others shows great respect. Taking the time to properly communicate with others, and being considerate of others will show them the respect you hold for them. We as a society need to break through these impacts in order to show each other the respect we all deserve.


Awareness is Key…


Being conscious and aware that technology has both positive and negative effects on all of us is key to being able to grow past these limitations.

Even through the pressures that technology has on today’s society, taking the time to practice these essential communication skills is extremely important in order to properly speak and respect others.

Change will always be inevitable, we must learn to adapt in a positive way through personal growth. We cannot lose sight of the skills we need to be equipped with so we can achieve all our goals and aspirations in life.



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