5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination

Each and every one of us has put off different tasks during our lives, however, there are some people where procrastination takes hold and greatly impacts their lives. There are countless impacts of procrastination; low self-worth, negative thought patterns, and unachieved goals.

Procrastination takes your dreams and puts them on hold. Continually thinking that one day you will achieve that goal, puts that goal permanently on hold. It can be a difficult cycle to break and move on from, however, acknowledgment and understanding will help you to break through this cycle of procrastination.

Continue reading to learn ways in which you can begin to overcome procrastination today.


5 Ways to Overcome Procrastination


Rid the Overwhelm

Take a look at all your goals and dreams, and create a physical list. Write down all the steps you need to complete in order to achieve each goal. Then break down each step into small manageable “to-do” steps. Take notice of all the small manageable steps, and think about how simple they can be and when can you start each small step.

Overwhelm can influence each and every one of us unless we are prepared to undertake it. Try your best to create small, specific, and attainable steps for each goal you have.


Rid the Perfectionism

Strive to be better, NOT the best!

Perfectionism is an all or nothing mentality that can directly affect your goals and dreams. Hanging on to this mentality of if something is not perfect than it is not done, will hold you back from finishing or even starting your goals.

Don’t let perfectionism stop you from experiencing the joy of achieving your goals in your life. Take small steps towards your goals, reminding yourself that perfectionism is not the key but happiness is.

Remember, try your best to become better rather than becoming the best.


Rid the Negative Environments

Some of the environments where we spend most of our time can be conflicting by increasing procrastination. We can often become distracted and influenced by others in a negative and impactful way.

Be aware of the influences found in the environments you spend the most time in. Ask yourself “Is this person or thing (i.e. technology) impacting my drive to continue my goals?”

Try to change aspects of your environment when you can, such as, by simply putting your phone and computer away may help in halting procrastination.


Rid the Excuses

Step back, think about what has been holding you back.

Think about all the personal excuses you have been making in regards to taking the proper steps towards your goals.

“I don’t have the time”, “I don’t know what I am doing”, “I am too tired”

Excuses tend to overtake our positive thoughts and overall outlook on life. They can be extremely daunting and impactful by adding to procrastination.

Once you have realized what excuses you have been making, try to reframe those negative thoughts into positive ones. “I don’t know how” can be changed to “I will learn how”.  Stop the negative thought patterns from affecting your goals.


Rid the Isolation

There is such strength in finding proper support throughout our lives. The importance is greater than helping with procrastination but can help with all aspects of life.

Accountability can be held when proper support is found. That person can hold you accountable for all your actions and steps you take towards your goals.

There are ways to find support easily nowadays with technology. Simple Facebook Groups can be extremely helpful in gaining the necessary support you need to achieve your goals. Join our free supportive community “Enhance Your Life”, to help you fight procrastination and begin your journey of personal growth.

Set yourself a deadline for each step with your support person, they will help to hold you accountable for each step.




1. Create small, specific, and attainable steps

2. Strive to be better, not the best

3. Be aware of environmental influences

4. Stop the excuses

5. Be accountable with support



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